Resistor 47K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W
  • Resistor 47K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W

Resistor 47K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W


Resistors 47K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W features:
-47K Ohm
-Type: Carbon film
-Tolerance: ±5%
-Power: 0.25W
-Dimensions: 2x7mm

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Resistors 47K Ohm 5% 0,25W 1/4W features:

-47K Ohm
-Type: Carbon film
-Tolerance: ±5%
-Power: 0.25W
-Dimensions: 2x7mm

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Resistencia [Ohm]

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LED Diode Assortment Kit 30 pcs 5mm red, green, yellow

LED Diode Assortment Kit 30 pcs 5mm red, green, yellow features:
- Lens color: red, green, yellow - diffuse
- Size: 5mm
- Operating current: 20mA
- Voltage (red) 1,8V-2,3V
- Voltage (green) 3,2V-3,4V
- Voltage (yellow) 1,8V-2,3V
- Anode (A): Positive (long leg): 28mm
- Catode (K): Negative (short leg): 25mm
- Operating temperature: -25ºC/80ºC
- Welding temperature: +260ºC
- Quantity: 30 units
*10x red
*10x green
*10x yellow


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Module TCRT5000 Infrared Sensor IR Tracker Line Obstacle

The optical module sensor (reflective) with comparator LM393, which detects obstacles with high precision.
The ideal obstacle detection detector for the installation of smart robots.
TCRT5000 - reflective optical sensor that has a compact construction where the light emitter and receiver are placed in the same direction to detect the presence of a object using infrared reflection on the object.
The working wavelength is 950nm.
The transmitter is infrared LED and the phototransistor receiver.
By using LM393 comparator the module has a binary output (D0) that is at level 1 (object is detected).
The sensor allows the detection of an object at a distance of up to 12 mm.


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16x2 1602 LCD display HD44780 Backlit Blue background

It consists of a 16-character, 2-row display.
The display is compatible with the HD44780 controller.
Ideal for projects with ARDUINO.
You can use it with PIC, AVR, STM32. 16x2 1602 LCD display HD44780 Backlit Blue background features:
- LCD screen , 16 characters and 2 lines
- 5V power supply
- HD44780 compatible controller
- Backlit blue background, white letters
- Include an adjustable contrast pin
- Dimensions (mm): 80 x 36 x 12


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Flux Varnish LT-4 Plate Protector

- The product protects PCB plates, allows for easier welding
- The product protects the printed circuit boards against oxidation and corrosion during storage.
- This allows a faster welding and avoids the "cold welding".
- The application method allows easy distribution of the product on the plates.
- Can be used during production, repair, maintenance and service.
Flux Varnish LT-4 Plate Protector features:
- Shape: Spray
- Capacity: 100ml
- Rosin RMA
- Meets the requirements of DIN 8511, F-SW-31, PN EN 29454 1.1.1.A.
- PCB protection against oxidation,
- Applied in the production of printed circuit boards immediately after engraving,


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Rechargeable Battery Sanyo NCR18650GA 3450mAh Li-ion 3,6V 10A

Characteristic: - Lithium Battery WITHOUT Protection
- Nominal capacity: 3450mAh (0.2C, discharge of 2.5V)
- Minimum capacity: 3350mAh (0.2C, 2.5V discharge)
- Charging voltage: 4.2 ± 0.05 V
- Nominal voltage: 3.6V
- Charging method: DC-CV (constant voltage with current limited)
- Charging current: standard charge: 1675mA,
- Max. Discharge current: 10A (ambient temperature 25 °)
- Charging time: standard charge: 4 hours,
- Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V
- Cell weight: 47g maximum
- Cell dimension: Height: 65.30 mm maximum, Diameter: 18.50 mm maximum


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LED Display 1-Digit 7-Segment Red Common Cathode

LED Display 1-Digit 7-Segment Red Common Cathode features:
- Supply voltage of the segments: 3 VDC
- LED color of the segments: red
- Digit length: 14.2mm
- Digit width: 8.1mm
- Pin numbers: 10
- Diameter of pins: 0.51mm
- Step between pins: 2.54mm
- Consumption current per segment: 30mA
- Maximum admissible current per segment: 70mA
- Direct current by segment (pulse operation): 30mA
- Number of digits: 1
- Segment numbers by digit: 7
- Operating temperature: -25 ° C - + 85 ° C
- Storage temperature: -30 ° C - + 85 ° C
- Screen with common cathode connection
- Screen size: 12.6x19x8 mm
- This product is a 1 digit screen composed of 7 red LED segments with excellent brightness and features:.


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