Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range
  • Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range
  • Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range
  • Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range
  • Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range
  • Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range
  • Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range

Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range

NodeMcu module based on ESP8266 controller and programming in Lua language
NodeMcu is equipped with 10 GPIO, PWM, I2C, 1-wire and ADC
ESP8266-12E is an improved version of ESP8266-12
It works as a standard WiFi 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz
USB Communication - CP2102 Chip
ESP 12E ESP8266 ESP12E NodeMcu Lua Wireless Development Board CP2102 WiFi features:

- Supply voltage: 3.3V (LOGICAL LEVELS: 3.3V)
- Supported protocols: 802.11 b / g / n
- Network support: 2.4 GHz
- Band: 2400 (MHz) - Wi-Fi Direct (P2p), Soft Access Point
- Integrated TCP / IP stack
- PLL, regulators and integrated power management units
- Output power: 0 , 15 (W); + 19.5dBm in 802.11b mode


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Description of Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 (433MHz) Long Range LoRa Ra-02 Module Development Board:

Ra-02 is a wireless transmission module based on SEMTECH's SX1278 wireless transceiver. It adopts advanced LoRa spread spectrum technology, with a communication distance of 10km.

The SX1276/77/78/79 transceivers feature the LoRa® long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high immunity to interference while minimising power consumption.

SX1278 can achieve a sensitivity of more than -148dBm using a low-cost crystal. The high sensitivity combined with the integrated +20dBm power amplifier produces an industry-leading link balance, making it optimal for any application requiring range or robustness. The Lora SX1278 also provides significant advantages in both blocking and selectivity over conventional modulation techniques, resolving the traditional design trade-off between range, interference immunity and power consumption.

Features of Development Board Ra-02 LoRa SX1278 Ra-02 Module (433MHz) Long range:

  • LoRa spread spectrum modulation technology
  • Constant RF output power at + 20dBm- 100mW voltage change
  • High sensitivity: up to-148dBm
  • Half-duplex SPI communication
  • Programmable bit rate up to 300kbps
  • Supports FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa and OOK modulation modes
  • Dynamic Range 127dB RSSI
  • Auto RF signal detection, CAD mode and high-speed AFC
  • Packet engine with CRC up to 256 bytes
  • Small footprint double row seal hole patch package
  • Shielded housing
  • Antenna connector
  • ISM: 410 - 525MHz
  • PA: +18 dBm
  • LoRa/FSK/00K
  • Manufacturer: AI-Thinker
  • Size: 24mm x 16mm

It has a great anti-interference capability and activation consumption function. Thanks to its large range, it can cover thousands of people in the district environment, especially suitable for meter reading, smart home, burglar alarm equipment.

The LoRa Ra-02 series LoRa module is designed and developed by AI-THINKER technology. The SX1278 radio frequency module is mainly used for long-range spread spectrum communication. It can resist to minimise the current consumption. Thanks to SEMTECH's patented LoRa modulation technology, the SX1278 has a high sensitivity of -148 dBm with a power output of +20 dBm, a long transmission distance and high reliability. At the same time, compared with traditional modulation technology, LoRa modulation technology has clear advantages in anti-blocking and selection, which solves the problem that the traditional design scheme cannot consider the distance, interference and power consumption at the same time.


  • Remote control and remote data acquisition system.
  • Wireless ordering machine, petroleum, mining, construction sites, factories and other original 485/232 interface system.
  • Industrial data acquisition, transmission, intelligent control system.
  • Baby monitoring system / hospital tracking system
  • Wireless small data transmission system
  • Wireless alarm system
  • Intelligent furniture system
  • Wireless meter reading (water, electricity, gas)

Useful links for Arduino / Raspberry programming and projects with Arduino / Raspberry boards:

User Manual for ESP12E NodeMCU Lua CP2102 WiFi Wireless Development Module

- Blink a red 3mm LED with ESP12E module < br /> - Analog reading using a 10kΩ linear potentiometer
- Use the ESP12E module PWM to command a 9g SG90 servo motor
- Cr ear a web server with ESP12E module and a 3mm red LED

Data sheet

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