Insulation Tapes PVC Red 20m x 19mm x 0.13mm
  • Insulation Tapes PVC Red 20m x 19mm x 0.13mm

Insulation Tapes PVC Red 20m x 19mm x 0.13mm


Insulation Tapes PVC Red 20m x 19mm x 0.13mm features:
- PVC insulating tape with adhesive
- Thickness of 0.13 mm
- Measures 20m x 19mm
- Heat resistance: 80°C

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Insulation Tapes PVC Red features:

  •  PVC insulating tape with adhesive
  •  Thickness of 0.13 mm
  •  Measures 20m x 19m
  •  Heat resistance: 80°C

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