Insulation Tapes PVC Red 20m x 19mm x 0.13mm
  • Insulation Tapes PVC Red 20m x 19mm x 0.13mm

Insulation Tapes PVC Red 20m x 19mm x 0.13mm


Insulation Tapes PVC Red 20m x 19mm x 0.13mm features:
- PVC insulating tape with adhesive
- Thickness of 0.13 mm
- Measures 20m x 19mm
- Heat resistance: 80°C

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Insulation Tapes PVC Red features:

  •  PVC insulating tape with adhesive
  •  Thickness of 0.13 mm
  •  Measures 20m x 19m
  •  Heat resistance: 80°C

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The optical isolation relay effectively protects the chip and ensures better performance.
This module is used for light detection, brightness detection , control of lamps and automatic equipment. Characteristic: - Channels: 1
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- They do not cause corrosion of non-ferrous metals
- Does not cause short circuits
It melts with the temperature, spreading through the area to be welded and penetrating into the most difficult corners, cleans and prepares the surfaces and components to be welded, and facilitates the adhesion and fluidity of the tin, improving welding in electronics works.
Use a toothpick for the application. Do not apply in excess.
- Use in ventilated spaces. Do not inhale vapors that are released when welding
- Keep the pot tightly closed and out of the reach of children
- Do not eat. It is not toxic
- Rarely irritating to skin contact


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    - D0: digital output
    - GND: ground connection
    - VCC: 5V module power
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- This light can be detected by an optical sensor,
- Can be captured by digital inputs and analog inputs of Arduino.


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Continous Rotation 360 Degree Servo S3003

Continous Rotation 360 Degree Servo S3003 features:
- Operating voltage: 4.8 V to 6 V
- Torque max.: 4.1kg / cm (6V)
- Operating speed: 0.23sec / 60degree (4.8V), 0.19sec / 60degree (6V)
- Radio max.: 360º
- Temperature range: -20º + 60ºC degrees
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