Solar Panel 6V 5W
  • Solar Panel 6V 5W
  • Solar Panel 6V 5W
  • Solar Panel 6V 5W
  • Solar Panel 6V 5W

Solar Panel 6V 5W


Waveshare solar plate with the working voltage of 6V and output power of 5W and the maximum working current of 830 mA. The cell was placed in a rigid frame.

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Waveshare solar panel with the working voltage of 6V and output power of 5W and the maximum working current of 830 mA. The cell is placed in a rigid frame, includes 156 monocrystalline cells.

Feature of Waveshare Solar Panel:

  • Solar cell type: 156 monocrystalline cells.
  • Surface: tempered glass
  • Frame material: anodic oxidation aluminium alloy
  • Back panel material: 0.25 mm PET
  • Power output: 5.0W ± 5% Power rating: 5.0W ± 5% Operating voltage: 6.0W
  • Operating voltage: 6.0 V ± 5%.
  • Operating current: 833 mA ± 5% (max.)
  • Open circuit voltage: 7.2 V ± 5%.
  • Short circuit current: 916mA ± 5%.
  • Cable: DC plug, DE 3.5 mm DI 1.35 mm
  • For use with: Solar Power Manager

Note: The above specifications are tested under standard conditions: Radiation intensity of 1000W/m2, 25℃, air quality AM1.5.

A simple solar energy supply system:


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