300 Pieces LED Diodes 3mm 5mm red green yellow blue white
  • 300 Pieces LED Diodes 3mm 5mm red green yellow blue white

300 Pieces LED Diodes 3mm 5mm red green yellow blue white


Set of 300 diodes packed in a handy box. Lens colour: red, green, yellow, yellow, blue - diffuse, light white.

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300 Pieces LED Diodes 3mm 5mm red green yellow blue white features:

  • - Lens color: red, green, yellow, blue - diffuse, light white
  • - Operating current: 20mA
  • - Voltage (red) 1.8V-2.3V
  • - Voltage (green) 3.2V-3.4V
  • - Voltage (yellow) 1.8V-2.3V
  • - Voltage (blue) 3.0V-3.2V
  • - Voltage (white) 3.2V - 3.4V
  • - Anode (A): Positive (long leg): 17mm
  • - Cathode (K): Negative (shorter leg): 15 mm
  • - Operating temperature: -25ºC / 80ºC
  • - Welding temperature: + 260ºC
  • - Quantity: 20 units x 5 mm
  •           - 20x red
  •           - 20x green
  •           - 20x yellow
  •           - 20x blue
  •           - 20x white
  • - 40 units x 3 mm
  • - 40x red
  • - 40x green
  • - 40x yellow
  • - 40x blue
  • - 40x white
  • - Box 130x65x25mm

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* 2,4mm: black, brown , red, yellow, blue
* 3,2mm: black, brown, red, yellow, blue
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