3x LED Base Plate Heat Sink 1W 3W 5W
  • 3x LED Base Plate Heat Sink 1W 3W 5W

3x LED Base Plate Heat Sink 1W 3W 5W


3x LED Base Plate Heat Sink 1W 3W 5W features:
- Outside diameter: 20mm
- Quantity: 3 units

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3x LED Base Plate Heat Sink 1W 3W 5W features:

- Outside diameter: 20mm
- Quantity: 3 units

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Miniaturized compatible version of Arduino Pro Mini.
It has an Atmega328P chip running at 8Mhz with a factory loaded bootloader. It does not include pins so - we can solder only the pins that we need. Pro Mini 8MHZ 3.3V Arduino compatible board features:
- ATmega328P 8MHz chip with external quartz crystal - Auto-reset - micro switch
- Integrated 3.3V regulator
- FLASH 32kB memory
- SRAM 1kB memory
- EEPROM 1Kb memory
- Analog input A0-A7
- 8 PWM channels
- external interruption
- TWI / I2C, UART, SPI interfaces
- Power and status LEDs
- Dimensions: 18x33mm - Weight: 30 grams An adapter is needed to program it


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AG Extreme thermal grease 3g syringe

The AG Extreme paste provides excellent heat conduction between elements such as: a radiator that discharges heat and a fan, CPU, GPU.
The substance is a dielectric (it is not an electrical conductor), which protects against various electrical hazards. Thermal conductivity 6W/mK.


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Mount LED Diode on a good heatsink, a metal plate, add a fan, this is necessary because you have to "remove" the heat from the surface of the board so that the LEDs last longer to place a little bit of thermal silicone in each of the diode's placement centers.
The thermal paste increases the thermal transfer between the diode and the metal plate used as a circuit.
Important to keep in mind the diodes generate a lot of light intensity and very concentrated.
Avoid looking directly at them once they are turned on and wear protective glasses when working with them. Characteristic: - 32mil Chip
- Voltage: 2.2-2.4V
- Current: 300mA
- Luminous flux: 40-50LM
- Ã beam angle: 120 degrees
- Color emission: red


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Sensor Shield V5 APC220 Arduino compatible

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- Facilitate the connection of different modules, such as sensors, relays, servos, buttons, potentiometers and more


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Heat Sink Aluminium Adhesive Radiator 25x25

Heatsink aluminium adhesive radiator for electronics components. Especially recomanded for passive cooling of Stepper Drive, MOSFET, VRM, Vram, IC Chips etc.

Good thermal conductivity, reduce the risk of hardware failure due to overheating, made of high quality Aluminum.


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Sonoff 4CH PRO R3

Sonoff 4CH is a 4 channel WiFi switch allowing control of 4 devices at the same time. It is a very similar device as Sonoff Basic, nonetheless extending Basic's functionality to more than 1 device. The devices can be controlled either by switches as provided on the 4CH box or by eWeLink application as with any other Sonoff product


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