Cable Silicona SIF 0.5mm2 Cu  -50...+180°C Black flexible - roll 100m
  • Cable Silicona SIF 0.5mm2 Cu  -50...+180°C Black flexible - roll 100m

Cable Silicona SIF 0.5mm2 Cu -50...+180°C Black flexible - roll 100m


Flexible multi-conductor (stranded) SIF type flexible copper cable with silicone insulation. Conductor; silicone; SIF; 1 conductor; Cu; 0.50mm2; black; silicone; halogen free; heat resistant; -50...+180°C; 300/500V; 100m coil; Lappkabel; RoHS; OLFLEX HEAT 180 SIF; 2.1mm; 1x0.50mm2.

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  • Conductor type / silicone cable
  • Symbol SIF
  • Number of conductors 1 conductor
  • Conductor construction Cu - copper conductor 
  • CCA - copper-aluminium-alloy conductor
  • OFC: oxygen-free copper conductor; Cu
  • Strand cross-section 0.50mm2
  • Insulation colour black
  • Insulation material: silicone
  • Cable properties halogen-free; heat resistant
  • Operating temperature range -50...+180°C
  • Rated voltage 300/500V
  • Manufacturer's packaging 100m reel type
  • Manufacturer Lappkabel
  • RoHS-certified
  • OLFLEX HEAT 180 SIF cable series
  • Cable outer diameter 2.1 mm
  • Cable construction 1x0,50mm2

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