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Makerbase MKS TFT35 V1.0...


Makerbase MKS TFT35 V1.0 touch screen smart display controller 3d printer

Touch screen / intelligent controller MKS TFT35 for 3D RepRap printers. The MKS TFT35 is a 3.5 "color touch screen for various RepRap or open source 3D printers. The screen is compatible with MKS boards such as MKS Base, MKS Gen and MKS Mini. It is easy to connect and can be easily used with marlin.It is completely open software and allows any adjustment. To simplify an individual project, various projects can be selected in the standard internal software. In addition, 13 buttons can be freely assigned to activate various functions at the touch of a button. The firmware can be quickly and easily customized using a file on the SD card and can be changed without external programs..

Price €37.59
MKS-GEN L V1.0 Integrated...


MKS-GEN L V1.0 Integrated Controller Compatible with Ramps 1.4/Mega2560 R3

The integrated mainboard driver MKS-GEN L V1.0 for 3D printer has been developed by Makerbase to optimize existing problems on the open source controller board such as Ramps 1.4.
This product offers more flexible options for users.
MKS-GEN L V1.0 Integrated Controller Compatible with Ramps 1.4/Mega2560 R3 features:
- Mega2560 and Ramps 1.4 are integrated in the board, which avoids the complicated connectors.
- Supports a variety of step-by-step drivers such as A4988, DRV8825, TMC2100 and LV8729, available to change stepper motors and motors that users like.
- Reserve the signal from the external controller, available to connect an external high current driver to drive stepper motors 57 and 86.
se high quality MOSFET, better cooling and more stable.

Price €19.90