Keyestudio Shield Sensors V2 micro:bit
  • Keyestudio Shield Sensors V2 micro:bit
  • Keyestudio Shield Sensors V2 micro:bit
  • Keyestudio Shield Sensors V2 micro:bit
  • Keyestudio Shield Sensors V2 micro:bit
  • Keyestudio Shield Sensors V2 micro:bit

Keyestudio Shield Sensors V2 micro:bit


Keyestudio Shield expansion board for the micro:bit. Allows connection to all outputs of the minicomputer via pin strip. Shield v2.0 for micro:bit incorporates 44-pin connectors to facilitate the connection of the various sensors to the minicomputer.

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Description of micro:bit shield sensors:

As the popularity of the micro:bit board has grown, expansion modules to facilitate the connection of additional sensors have also become increasingly popular. The micro:bit control board does not provide easy connection of multiple accessories, especially not for modules with other sensor modules. That is why we propose this V2 sensor expansion board for the micro:bit.

The Sensor Shield allows the connection of the PIO ports of the micro:bit control board via a 3PIN interface (GND, VCC, Signal), very easy to connect the micro:bit control board and other sensor modules.

The micro:bit board can be powered through the black DC connector (DC 7-9V) or the micro USB port (DC 5V) of the shield.

When powering the sensor, a supply voltage of 3.3V or 5V can be selected via jumpers V1 and V2.

Technical data of micro:bit shield sensors:

  • Power input: black DC connector (DC 7-9V) or micro USB port (DC 5V).
  • Voltage output: select 3.3V or 5V via jumper V1 / V2
  • Equipped with power indicator
  • Micro PIO extension: bit for 3PIN interface
  • Serial communication pins
  • I2C communication pins
  • SPI communication pins
  • Dimensions: 65mm x58mm x12mm


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