Circuit Recording

Grabado es una sustancia quimica necesaria para fabricación casera de circuitos impresos. El grabado se diluye en cubeta de plástico con agua. Es importante usar las guantes durante el proceso. Revisa nuestra oferta abajo!

Circuit Recording


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Industrial Abrasive Scourer...


Industrial Abrasive Scourer Pad 150x50mm Laminated Copper Plate PCB

Industrial Abrasive Scourer Pad 150x50mm Laminated Copper Plate PCB features:
Industrial abrasive scourer for laminated copper plate Cleaner for cleaning the laminated copper plate. Perfectly removes impurities such as oxides, sulfides and other similar establishments, as well as polished surfaces so that the copper substrate is better prepared.
It is also ideal for removing the remains of enamels, lacquers and other materials used during the creation of PCB tracks.

Price €0.99
Sodium Persulfate PCB...


Sodium Persulfate PCB Etchant pack 100g

Sodium Persulfate PCB Etchant features:
Chemical substance for recording printed circuits and copper. Unlike ferric chloride, sodium persulfate is colorless, odorless, does not stain clothes and does not turn blue when it runs out.
Easy to dissolve. It acts very regular with guarantee of contour sharpness. Mode of use: - Dilute in a plastic bucket, the contents of the envelope of 100 in 0.5 liters of water heated to 40-50ºC, or the ratio for a smaller PCB
- Do not store the solution in closed bottles
- It is corrosive, wear latex gloves
- Necessary for the homemade manufacture of printed circuits
- Care should be taken during digestion, as it is aggressive - especially for the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.
- Made in the European Union

Price €3.69
Sodium Persulfate B327...


Sodium Persulfate B327 (PCB) Printed Circuit Board Etching 1kg

Sodium Persulfate B327 (PCB) Printed Circuit Board Etching 1kg features:
A compound for etching of printed circuit boards and pickling of copper. An ideal alternative to ferric chloride. It is readily soluble and does not crystallize from the solution. It etches evenly, ensures the sharpness of contours and minimizes undercutting. Usage: Dissolve the preparation in 0.5 l of water at a temperature of 50°C. Perform etching at 40°C (max. 50°C). Bath movement ensures quicker etching. The etching solution must not be stored in hermetically sealed containers due to the risk of developing overpressure and cracks.

Price €22.00

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