Raspberry Pi screens

Screens for Raspberry are crucial to set off your programming adventure. Obviously, you could use it with desktop screen, but using custom screens enables mobility and in case of touchable screens as well control. Additionally, custom screens in smaller sizes might go without a separate power supply, which significantly increases possibilities of your project.  In our consistently expanding offer, we have for your screens LCD, OLED and AMOLED (for specific differences between technologies search bottom of the page) in different price levels and sizes, all compatible with Raspberry. Search pages below to find what you need! 

Raspberry Pi screens


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Raspberry Pi Shield MPI35...


Raspberry Pi Shield MPI35 3.5 inch TFT LCD screen 240x320

The screen is intended for use with a 3.5-inch acrylic case, reference in our store: RA018 Raspberry Pi Shield MPI35 3.5 inch TFT LCD screen 240x320 features:
- XT2046 touch controller
- Resistive touch screen
- Current consumption: 250mA (unconfirmed)
- Screen type: TFT LCD screen
- Color: 16 bits
- Display backlight: White LED
- Characters x Lines: 480x320
- Communication format: Parallel
- Form factor: 3.5 "Screen size
- Pinhole: 2.54 mm

Price €16.99

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  • Resolución: 240x320

Raspberry Pi compatibility

Raspberry Pi is great enough to ensure full backward compatibility, i.e. any old drivers for screens, modules and other should work with newer boards that have same GPIO (which is the case always within the same format, that is Zero among Zeros, A among A boards, and B among B boards). It doesn´t always work the other way around - some new accessories might not always work with the elder boards or might need some reworks on the way. Additionally, be mindful of the fact that the new Raspberry runs an upgraded OS, Raspbian Buster that again is backward compatible (has system images of older versions of Rasbian that enable software backward compatibility), but some drivers work only with it (including the new video driver on the Raspberry Pi 4). So as a quick take away from this one - expect older screens to work with the new board (unless explicitly stated otherwise), but always check if the new drivers or pieces of hardware will work with the older boards.

Screen types

In our offer, you will find a range of screens ready to be plugged into your Raspberry with loaded drivers. The technologies they are mostly based on would LCD for the larger screens and OLED or AMOLED for the smaller ones. The principal difference between OLED technologies and LCD is significantly higher contrast and less color and contrast degradation in a side view. On the other hand, OLED screens are slightly more expensive. Other than the technology itself, take into consideration when choosing your screen as well its size and power supply requirements - here OLED and AMOLED should always have more modest needs. For the touchable screens consider as well their driver compatibility. Search through our offering to find what you need!

Waveshare Raspberry Pi screens

Waveshare is a Chinese producer with one of the most extensive experiences in Raspberry Pi screens production. They have been on the market pretty much ever since Raspberry is available and have mastered their technology and production quality to be one of the most renowned brands in the field currently. On top of that, Waveshare has a very wide range of offerings in this product category spanning most of the available technologies and screen sizes.