Rasberry Pi 4 Kits

In this category, in addition to the modules themselves, you will also find ready-to-use raspberry pi kits, containing the original housing, power supply and heat sinks, and even a microSD card with pre-installed NOOBS. We also have different types of enclosures from different manufacturers. We recommend special kits, designed for specific applications.

Rasberry Pi 4 Kits


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  • €34.00 - €86.00

Raspberry Pi4  4GB Basic Kit


Raspberry Pi4 4GB Basic Kit

The Raspberry Pi 4 kit includes everything you need  to enter the world of Raspberry Pi- all hardware in one box. plus step-by-step guide.

Price €85.41
Seeed Grove Base kit for...


Seeed Grove Base kit for Raspberry Pi

The Grove Base Kit for Raspberry is all you need to start playing and making with your Raspberry Pi board. It is compatible with boards Pi 3 and Pi 4 and includes 8 basic sensors, a display and a motor. All of that on the grove connectors making it a seamless experience.

Price €39.99

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