Rasberry Pi 4 Plates

As much as Pi 3 was an evolution step, the 4 brings a much larger jump forward. It further improved the processor performance with, by now, a standard upgrade to the newest Broadcom and a clock step-up from 1.4GHz up 1.5. The new process supports the new OS as the Raspbian got a new face of a Buster (name based on a Pixar dog from Toy Story). Unlike in the last OS update, there are slight incremental visual changes - so from the desktop view you might be able to see the update. Other than that the system got a security update, and it remains (as always with RPis) backward compatible as it stores the image of old systems. On top of that, we got a memory on board, which makes life once again easier. Check the detailed guide to the differences among the Raspberry boards on our blog and revise the glorious three - Raspberry in different memory variants (1GB, 2GB and 4GB).

Rasberry Pi 4 Plates


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Raspberry Pi 400, PC...


Raspberry Pi 400, PC embedded in a keyboard - English

Raspberry Pi 400 is the ideal tool, both educational, perfect for students of all ages, and for personal use. This RPi based on model 4, offers a low cost and portable solution, being ideal for home study and for teaching computer concepts such as programming, physical computing and networking. 

The Raspberry Pi 400 has a quad-core ARM Cortex A72 processor with 4GB of RAM, an Ethernet socket, 3 USB ports, two microHDMI ports and a 40-pin GPIO. English version keyboard

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Connectivity of the new Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry goes with spirit of the time and makes sure to be up to date with all the current trends and technology. Same goes for its connectivity solutions - on the new board we are getting in addition to old USB 2s a pair of new USB-3s, which are able to process data transfers up 10 times faster than the old standard. Seems a lot, doesn´t it?

Memory upgraded from microSD cards to onboard

While the old solution with an interchangeable memory cards was giving some flexibility, it was rather a strain and having the memory onboard definitely makes life easier. The new boards come equipped with the highest quality 1GB, 2GB or 4GB of RAM depending on which board version you choose giving already much more space than the old 1GB. But if you still need or want to further extend via SD, there still is a port so rest assured there will be no problems with that.

Fast wireless connectivity and other upgrades in Raspberry 4

On top of the above, the board got an upgrade to the new standard of Bluetooth (5.0) with low energy mode and maintained the WiFi dualband standard b-g-n-ac. Other changes include new HDMI (2 micro instead of a 1 standard in the old board) enabling connecting of two HD screens. On the power supply end, we get a switch from micro-USB to USB-C, so you will probably need a new power supply and potentially a new box.